the team


Margarita Benitez – Lead Instigator:

Margarita Benitez has an interdisciplinary background that mixes art and technology, interface design, tangible computing, 3D, architecture and fiber and material studies. She is always looking at new technology, whether software or hardware, to learn, explore and subvert. Margarita’s passion lies in interactivity and interaction design with an emphasis on interactivity in textiles and fashion. Her work explores the role of technology in contemporary fashion and art. She holds a M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and is currently the Fashion Technologist and Assistant Professor at Kent State University. Please visit her website at or

Nathan Clark – Mechanical and Electrical engineer:

Nathan is a NE Ohio mechanical and electrical engineer with several years of experience developing waterjets, 3D printers, CNC and kinect controlled fire organs. His work has been shown at several burning man events and he is actively involved in Cleveland Maker’s alliance and the NE Ohio making community.

Chris Yanc – Software:

Chris Yanc is a Professional Interactive Designer and Developer  based in NE Ohio. His expertise is within multi-touch screen development using FTIR technology with they help of the NUI Group Community. He is also working on multi sensory interactive designs for national and international clients. His quickest update on experiments about this emerging opportunity can be found on

Markus Vogl – Project Manager, Web Design:

Markus Vogl is a NE Ohio based media artist experimenting in multiple sensory experiences combining sound, environments and interactive installation. He has exhibited internationally in the U.S. and Europe and has been recognized in Leonardo magazine for his collaboration Circadian Capital. Markus is also a designer servicing clients like mun2 or mtv latino in his former Miami, FL business pixel foundry. He holds a Masters of Fine Art degree in New Media from Donau Universitaet Krems/transart institue. He currently is an Assistant Professor at the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron.
Please visit his website at

Ed Bennett – Hardware:

Ed Bennett specializes in supporting and collaborating with people who use physical computing and mechatronic technology in art and design. He designs and builds devices and systems using mechatronic, electrical, electronic, electromechanical, mechanical, and microcontroller technologies. He works with groups and individuals on projects, consults on project conceptualizations, builds prototypes, and teaches workshops. Please visit his website at

Gary Shimomura – All things Mechanic:

Gary Shimomura is OSLOOM’s fabrication and manufacturing Guru, having developed machines for facilities all over the world his background and experience bring invaluable insight to the OSLOOM team.