Spring Update (04/23/2012)

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Although late (my apologies, crazy semester) finally we had a chance to update the website from our meeting that occurred over a month ago.
We started putting together the extruded aluminum frame and married the actuator to the first bank of heddles:

  • Built the extruded aluminum frame that will house the 3 banks of heddles.
  • Mounted the new heddle hooks to the heddles and sketched up a temporary mech to hold the heedle hooks in place.
  • Married the actuator to the housing. It travels it fires and hits the heddle hooks in place. (Hurray!)

Here are some photos:

The hardware team is currently working on improving the accuracy of the mechanism, especially Ed, Margarita and me are working on a final clamping mechanism and re-designing the heddle hooks.

In addition the software team is making great progress. Chris has put together a nice custom OF image translator, that overlays the weave pattern and already talks binary to the transport Arduino. (So sweet!) Thx Chris and Ed for making that happen.

As always progress is being made, although slowly. We can’t wait for summer to come so we can make some more progress.

~margarita – lead instigator

~markus – project manager



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